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Visiting International Students at ASAN(VISA) Program

The Visiting International Students at ASAN(VISA) program offers hospital work experience confined to observation for university students who want to pursue their future careers in medical fields.

Required Documents

I. First required Documents

  • 1. Application Form

  • 2. Recommendation Letter
    (* from the Dean at Current University)

  • 3. CV/Resume

  • 5. University Enrollment Certificate (ENG)
    (* must be issued by at Current Institute)

  • 6. Copy of Passport

  • 7. 1 Photo
    (* JPEG format, white background and 3.5 X 4.5cm size)

  • * All documents must be submitted at once to be approved for training

II. After Approval

Application Process

  1. Submit Application to
    Asan Medical International (AMI)

    I. First required Documents

    • 1. Application Form
    • 2. Recommendation letter
    • 3. CV/Resume
    • 4. University Enrollment Certificate (ENG)
    • 5. Copy of Passport
    • 6. 1Photo (JPEG format)

    II. After Approval

    • 7. Physician's Statement
    • 8. Immunization Check-up List
    • 9. Copy of Travelers insurance
  2. Application Reviewed By AMI

  3. Application Approved By Department

  4. Final Approval Notification

* Applicants should submit all applications 3 months prior to the beginning of training

Housing and Meals

Please note that students are responsible for their own accommodations and meals. If you would like assistance in finding accommodations, please contact us.


College / University Student in medical OR related fields, who is proficient in English or Korean

Some departments only permit medical students
according to their curriculums

English test scores such as TOEIC / IELTS or a
telephone interview may be required during the
application process if necessary. Also, the training
can be terminated even during the program if the
trainee is unable to communicate with instructors.

Application Period

All year round

At least 3 months prior to the beginning of training

Training Duration

Applicants can apply for VISA program up to 3 months, but 4 to 6 weeks trainings are normally approved depending on departments.