Hour Required Fees
3 hours Male : 1,850,000 KRW
Female : 1,950,000 KRW

Managing your health while you are healthy is paramount.
Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and cancer can threaten your precious health without warning.
Screening for signs of health threats and early diagnosis of disease is the first step to a healthy and long life.

Examination Items Detail Examination Items
Head & Neck Exam (Male) Carotid Ultrasonography
Thyroid Exam Thyroid Ultrasonography
Pulmonologic Exam Pulmonary function test
Chest X-ray
Cardiovascular Exam Blood pressure
Breast Exam (Female) Mammography
Breast Ultrasonography
Stomach Exam Esophagogastroduodenoscopy under conscious sedation
Gastroenterologic Exam Abdomen Ultrasonography
Urologic Exam (Male) Prostate Ultrasonography
Digital Rectal Exam
Gynecologic Exam (Female) Pelvic Exam
Pap smear
Pelvic Ultrasonography
HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)
Osteoporosis Exam Bone densitometry
T-L spine X-ray
Body Measurement Height, Weight, Ideal Weight, Body Mass Index, Body Fat
Ophthalmic Exam Visual Acuity, Tonometry, Fundus Photography
Audiometry Audiometry
Dental Exam Detal Exam
Blood Test Complete Blood Count, Anemia, Blood Coagulation, Blood type, Liver function
Kidney function, Thyroid function, Lipid, Diabetes, Insulin, Uric Acid
Hepatitis A/B/C, Syphilis, AIDS, H.Pylori
Female hormone, Male hormone
Boold Tumor Marker α-FP (Liver)
CEA (Colon, Lung)
CA19-9 (Pancreas, Biliary Tract)
CA125 (Uterus, Ovary)
PSA (Prostate)
Urine Exam Urinalysis
Stool Exam Occult blood, Protozoa, Parasite