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President of Asan Medical Center
Park, Seung-Il

The most admired hospital in Korea for
17 consecutive years

The ASAN Foundation established in 1977 with private fortune devoted by the late founder Chung Ju-yung is the ground for Asan Medical Center. In the days when people were unfamiliar with the concept of ‘welfare,’ the ASAN Foundation has initiated various welfare projects in the areas of social welfare, scholarship, research, and medical care. With a special focus on medical project, the ASAN Foundation has built hospitals in doctorless villages nationwide to allow everyone to equally receive medical services.

And, the Asan Medical Center was founded on June 23, 1989 as a mother hospital of the regional medical institutions with the aim of creating a world-class hospital that will improve the overall standard of medicine in Korea.

Asan Medical Center has devoted more energy to fulfilling the mission to ‘contribute to healthy life of humans by providing high-quality medical services, education, and research with unwavering passion and challenges.’ As a result, we have developed new therapies that overcame the limitations of conventional treatments in two decades, and were chosen as the most admired hospital in Korea for 17 consecutive years thanks to all medical professionals’ caring services.

We have innovated overall process to transform into a patient-centric hospital through an emergency response system and the criteria for medical care assessment to improve patient safety and the quality of medical services. We also strive to create a unique culture where feedbacks from patients are reflected in medical services.

Asan Medical Center promises to do the best to become the most trusted hospital and a leader in Korean medicine and healthcare by keeping on trying to promote the academic progress of medicine and enhance the level of clinical services and providing advanced and caring medical services.