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International Nurse Observership Program


Contribute to the happiness and healthiness of people by providing the world’s best nursing standard and respecting humankind.


Competent nursing force that provides specialized nursing
Place where nurse can work with enthusiasm
Department where nurses trust and want to work
Leaders of Nursing through effective management

The Asan Medical Center Nursing Department is the largest nursing organization in Korea with 3,000 nursing staff. The Nursing Department consisted of six nursing teams and six special-part teams (ICU, OR, Ambulatory care, Pediatrics, Nursing education & administrative team) as well as the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), is committed to providing world-class nursing services through a systematic nursing system and a continuing training to improve capabilities as a professional nurse.

Asan Medical Center Nursing Department welcomes international nursing training support in various fields.

Required Documents

I. First required Documents

  • 1. Application Form

  • 2. Recommendation Letter
    (* from the Head of Department at Current Institute)

  • 3. CV/Resume

  • 4. Certificate of Employment(ENG)
    (* must be issued by at Current Institute)

  • 5. Copy of Diploma and Registerd Nurse License(ENG)

  • 6. Copy of Passport

  • 7. Photo
    (* Only JPG format can be uploaded(white background and 3.5 X 4.5cm size))

  • All documents must be submitted at once to be approved for training

II. After Approval

Training expenses

Individual information

Offer option

Certificate (at the time of training for more than one week), nameplate, meal once / day (staff restaurant use)

Accommodation not available


A registered nurse in an overseas medical institution or a nursing faculty who speaks in English or Korean

Full term nurses who are not employed in any medical institution

Application Period

All year round

At least 3 months prior to the beginning of training

Training Duration

Less than 3 months