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Asan Global Standard

“All patients should receive safe and high-quality treatment, anytime, anywhere.”

  • 'Strict Guidelines' beyond JCI standards
  • 24/7 'Year-round Evaluation System'
  • 'Practical and Evolving Standards' reflecting clinical settings

19 Chapters, 76 Categories, 213 Standards, 1,162 Measurable Elements

Asan Medical Center has a total of 1,162 detailed evaluation items at all patient touch-points on a patient journey, from arrival to discharge.
The evaluation items cover international standards such as Joint Commission International (JCI) and further reflect the characteristics of Asan Medical Center.

The Goal and Performance Indicator of Asan Medical Center

A Dedicated Team for AGS

AGS is the goal and performance indicator of Asan Medical Center. Unlike international medical institution accreditation standards, such as JCI, AGS is a year-round evaluation system. The Office for AGS of Asan Medical Center is a dedicated team in the development and revision, application, evaluation, and education of AGS standards. Asan Medical Center continues to reinforce AGS according to changes in the domestic and foreign medical environment and hospital competency development.

AGS Framework