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Asan, Chung Ju-yung (1915-2001)

To build a world without poverty and diseases

The late Chairman Chung turned his attention to social issues
when most other Korean businesses were focusing solely on profits.

By expanding corporate values to include not only how a company makes money but also where it spend its profits, the late chairman moved to implement his belief that a business should contribute to the well-being of society. Such a belief is the ASAN Foundation's founding principle.

By launching non-profit programs in the areas of medical resources, social welfare, R and D, and scholarships, he set valuable examples on how corporate citizenship can ease the pain of the needy and raise the quality of people's lives.

Now with this great man gone, all of us at the ASAN Foundation solemnly pledge to follow his spirit of love for mankind and to apply that spirit to society's pressing needs.