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  • Where is International Healthcare Center (IHC) located?

    International Healthcare Center(IHC) is on the 4th floor of the New Building in ASAN Medical Center (AMC), which is located in Songpa-gu, southeastern part of Seoul, Korea. It takes approximately 80 minutes by car or bus from Incheon International Airport. Go to an IHC Location

  • How do I make an appointment?

    You can make an appointment by call, email, or via website. You are required to provide your personal information such as contact numbers, and details on your symptoms for more accurate appointment and efficient treatment. Go to Appointment

  • Can I use my Health Insurance?

    Korean National Health Insurance holders
    If you hold Korean National Health Insurance either by employee insurance or local insurance, you would be able to use it as Koreans do. Foreign insurance holders Insurance contracted with ASAN Medical Center We recommend you to contact your insurance company to send us guarantee of payment letter prior to your visit. It is noted that you may have to pay your share such as deductibles, copayment, depending on your insurance plan. Go to Contracted Insurance Companies Insurance without contract with ASAN Medical Center We ask you to pay all of the medical charges incurred during your treatment. Some necessary documents, including English receipts can be provided on your request for your claim.

  • Can I use a prescription from another country?

    No, pharmacists can’t fill your foreign prescription. You will need to see a doctor for prescription refill.

  • Can I get travel vaccinations?

    Yes, you can get travel vaccines and medicines. Please make sure you need to make an appointment 6-8 weeks before you plan to travel overseas.

  • Can I do medical check-up in IHC?

    Yes, we provide medical check-up for employment, some medical check-ups for visa application(E2, E9, E10, H2), and other kinds of check-ups for students who are planning to study abroad after consulting with a physician as needed. However, IHC does not offer check-up packages. If you are interested in one-day check-up packages, please contact Health Screening and Promotion Center by calling at +82-2-3010-5005 or by email (

  • What accommodations are nearest to ASAN Medical Center?
  • Will I get a refund if the actual costs of treatment are less than my advance payment?

    Yes, if your actual charges are below the amount you paid in advance, you will receive a refund after your account is finalized.

  • Can I get a medical second opinion?

    Though patients should visit hospitals and see doctors in person to get the best medical service, ASAN Medical Center's world-renowned physicians and surgeons can offer second opinions to international patients researching treatment options or wishing to reconfirm a diagnostic opinion through a review of medical records and test results considering the locations of patients. Your medical records must be in English. Go to Appointment

  • Are there any parking lot available?

    Yes, for outpatient clinic patients, patients on admission or discharge, and patients scheduled for an operation or visiting health screening center, parking is free of charge for once. For patients visiting the emergency room, parking once during your stay is free of charge within 24 hours. During the day & evening time ( from 6 A.M. to 10 P.M.), parking lot is for free of charge within 30 minutes after you come in. However, you have to pay 500 Korean won per 10 minutes after 30 minutes. During the night time ( from 10 P.M. to 6 A.M.), parking is 1,000 Korean won at a time without paying anymore. When you enter a parking lot, your car number will be scanned by an automatic recognizing system so that you will not have to pick up a parking card. Before you go out, find a parking machine and enter your car number and patient number or your patient card into the machine. The machine will show whether you have to pay or not and how much you have to pay.