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Lung cancer is curable.

Cancer is no longer an intractable or incurable disease. To get good outcome, early diagnosis and treatment is important. However even though the cancer is already developed, integrated treatment by collaboration of specialists in each field may produce better outcome. The Lung Cancer Center forms a patient-centered organic cooperation system led by Korea’s leading medical professionals to offer best medical services to lung cancer patients.

AMC Lung Cancer Center is different.

We allow patients to receive fast diagnosis and best medical services as quickly as possible.

We draw up treatment plans and schedules to allow patients to get diagnosis and medical care as soon as possible through specialists’ consultations and coordinators’ counseling service.

Leading medical professionals provide best treatment.

The center has sufficient treatment experience and close collaboration system. Based on the collaboration among specialists of pulmonology and critical care medicine, oncology, thoracic & cardiovascular surgery, radiation oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine, and pathology, we decide on the optimal diagnosis and treatment method customized for each patient.

We provide an integrated treatment system which is the first in Korea.

We hold a session for integrated treatment more than twice a week in which all specialists gather together in the same place at the same time to determine the best treatment method for each patient. This helps us achieve best treatment outcome based on rich experience in integrated treatment and the advanced treatment technology of each field.

We offer thorough postoperative care services.

Post-treatment care is also critical to get good prognosis. The center quickly handles issues that often occur during regular outpatient treatments, and nurse practitioners offer counseling and respond to questions and problems raised by patients and their families.