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Experience incomparable healthcare excellence at the Asan Medical Center, recognized as the top choice for seven consecutive years in the Korean Brand Power Index

Since its establishment in 1990, AMC’s Health Screening and Promotion Center has been committed to encouraging healthy life by adopting cutting-edge medical equipment and employing the finest medical professionals.

We work with more than 40,000 clients every year, not only to treat but also to prevent various health problems. Each year, more and more international clients visit the AMC Health Screening and Promotion Center.

We offer a wide range of packages customized by gender, age, and disease by developing diverse programs that considered individuals’ health conditions. Also according to individual schedules, you can receive a variety of thorough examinations in a day, stay in hotel-style patient room, and enjoy premium care services in a pleasant comfortable environment. AMC’s systematic program of health questionnaire is able to identify your medical history and current symptoms. Based on it, we scientifically analyze the results and your lifestyle to provide medical guidelines for health care even after physical examination.

If minor ailments are found, we help the patients improve their lifestyles while connecting to other departments in the center. If cancer or severe diseases are discovered, we offer a systematic process of treatment and referral of the patients to specialized centers (Asan Cancer Hospital, Asan Medical Center Heart Institute, and Organ Transplantation Center, etc.) of AMC with 2700 beds. We also help you receive examinations and treatment in a more comfortable environment by offering reservation, guide, and interpretation (English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Mongolian languages) services for patients living abroad as well as foreigners living in Korea.

In today’s society, living healthy is more important than living longer. We do our best to help all of you receive examinations and treatment in a safe comfortable environment.


6,612m²(71, 171sqft) of dedicated facility space overlooking the beautiful Han River

Separate test areas for Men and Women

Hotel type rooms for overnight screening

Art gallery space

Guest Lounge (snacks and refreshments)

Health Medicine Dept. Outpatient Clinic & Consultation Rooms


Dedicated Advanced Equipment

  • CT, MR, PET
  • Gastroscope, Colon Endoscope
  • Echocardiography, Ergocardiography & Arteriosclerosis
  • Abdominal, Thyroid and Carotid ultrasonography
  • Breast, Pelvic and Prostate ultrasonography


  • 52 highly ranked physicians

    - 16 fields of specialties
  • 210 Health Screening Professionals

    - Physicians, Radiologists, Nurses, Medical Technologists, Nutritionists, Exercise Specialists, Medical Assistants and Administrative Staff

Medical System

Detailed and specialized online medical survey
Computerized guiding system (less wait time)
1-day comprehensive screening available
Specialized and detailed medical consultation
Rapid medical treatment connection system upon positive screening of cancer or other diseases