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Why should you receive treatment
at the AMC Cardiovascular Disease Prevention & Rehabilitation Center?

The cardiovascular rehabilitation program has been implemented in many countries after being recognized as an effective method of reducing relapse and mortality rates and improving patients’ quality of life.

AMC’s Cardiovascular Disease Prevention & Rehabilitation Center offers a customized program including counseling on nutrition, exercise, stress relief, obesity, and smoking cessation to patients who previously had treatment for or want to prevent heart disease. Specialists in various departments including the departments of cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, and psychiatry collaborate to provide systematic and advanced cardiovascular disease prevention and rehabilitation program.

AMC’s Cardiovascular Disease Rehabilitation Center was the first to be accredited by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR) in Asia, completing more than 2,400 cardiovascular disease prevention classes annually. Cardiopulmonary testing and cardiac rehabilitation programs bring back life to patients who have suffered serious heart diseases such as coronary artery disease and heart failure. Sports Medicine Clinical Therapists and Physical Therapists provide high-quality exercise programs. They carry out researches and educational research programs at the international level, advancing the medical field and medical professional.

The Cardiovascular Disease Prevention & Rehabilitation Center also offers treatment support services such as outpatient consultation with a cardiac rehabilitation specialist, individualized exercise order, education and prevention programs for cardiovascular diseases, and interpretation services.

Treatment process


Creating a system to offer timely diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation

Cardiovascular disease prevention/rehabilitation programs led by cardiac rehabilitation specialists : systematic care for heart disease patients


Cardiovascular disease prevention/rehabilitation clinic : systemic care including cardiovascular intervention and surgery patients, heart disease prevention in smoking and obesity patients, and management of cardiovascular diseases through the rehabilitation clinic.

Cardiovascular disease prevention/rehabilitation class : providing professional counseling and education on exercise, nutrition, and risk factor control

AMC’s treatment performance

Major surgeries and procedures / performance

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Name Performance Remarks
Cardiovascular disease prevention education 1,400/year  
Cardiopulmonary exercise testing 1,100/year  
Cardiac rehabilitation exercise program 2,000/year  

Major medical facilities and staff

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Devices Unit Medical staff Unit
Cardiopulmonary exercise test 3 Cardiac rehabilitation specialist 5
Telemetry in rehabilitation center 4 Cardiac rehabilitation nurses & physical therapist 4
  • First to be accredited by AACVPR in Asia
  • Hold cardiac rehabilitation workshops at the international level
  • Hold annual cardiovascular rehabilitation symposiums in to correspondence to international symposiums: play a leading role in offering and systemizing cardiac disease prevention and rehabilitation programs
  • Providing more than 2,400 world-class cardiovascular disease prevention/rehabilitation education every year