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Thoracic surgery is a specialty in medicine dealing with various diseases of the thoracic organs (chest) encompassing the lungs, esophagus, chest wall, and mediastinum. Pulmonary and esophageal surgeries, in particular deal with the surgical treatment of diseases of the lungs, bronchus, pleura, chest wall, the mediastinum and the esophagus. Specifically, pulmonary surgery deals with lung cancers, benign lung tumors, tuberculosis, pulmonary abscess, pneumothorax, and other disease entities of the thorax. Bronchial surgery deals with bronchial tumors, bronchial foreign bodies, and bronchostenosis (airway obstruction). Esophageal surgery deals with esophageal cancer and benign tumors, esophageal foreign bodies, and esophageal stenosis of various causes. Other surgical entities of the thorax include mediastinal tumors, chest wall tumors, chest wall deformities (pectus carinatum and pectus excavatum), and excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis). We are also proud to announce that now all aspects of lung transplantation are being performed by our division.

Performing over 1800 surgeries annually and staffed by highly experienced surgeons, the department of thoracic surgery has maintained a leadership position in its field. As part of our continuing commitment to further improvements, the latest technical advances in intra-thoracic endoscopic surgeries have been proactively adopted.

These minimally invasive methods not only create smaller incisions but are effective in significantly reducing postoperative pain and surgical risks compared to conventional open chest surgeries. As a result, patients benefit by experiencing faster recovery, shortened length of hospitalization, and a reduction in costs.

The specialized services of AMC cancer center may especially be of benefit to lung and esophageal cancer patients by providing early diagnosis and timely implementation of appropriate treatment through the cooperation and expedient team work of related specialists.

The patients and families of cancer patients may expect dedicated support and treatment through the cancer center.

The department of thoracic surgery collaborates closely with the AMC cancer center to arrange all necessary tests to be completed within one week. Once a diagnosis of cancer has been established, immediate treatment is begun based on a comprehensive treatment plan involving any combination of surgery, medications and/or chemotherapy. By providing all of these services and much more, we are committed to providing the utmost in the care for all of our patients.

Medical Specialities

Take a look at the treatment of major diseases in your department.

Lung Cancer

AMC Lung Cancer Center is different. We allow patients to receive fast diagnosis and best medical services as quickly as possible. We draw up treatment plans and schedules to allow patients to get diagnosis and medical care as soon as possible through specialists’ consultations and coordinators’ counseling service.

Esophageal Cancer

AMC Esophageal Cancer Center has a collaboration system effectively run by experienced specialists who are leading various fields with advanced medical skills and expertise.

Colorectal Cancer

AMC Colorectal Cancer Center improves the prognosis of patients through a multidisciplinary system and integrated treatment to provide best treatment by embracing various opinions of specialists from relevant departments on liver metastasis that often occurs in colorectal cancers, lung metastasis, and locally recurrent cancers such as intractable colorectal cancer.

Valvular Heart Disease

The Ischemic Heart Disease Center provides treatment support services such as a one-day program, fast-track system, counseling for heart diseases and reservation system, and language support program.

Aortic Disease

The AMC Aortic Disease Center introduced an organic collaboration system to fight aortic diseases including aortic aneurysm, aortic dissection, and aortostenosis, offering the most appropriate treatment for each patient from conventional surgery and minimally-invasive surgery to percutaneous procedure to hybrid surgery that combines surgery and procedure, producing world-class treatment results.

Valvular Heart Disease

The Valvular Heart Disease Center also has an echocardiography unit with cutting-edge medical equipment and professional staff. The unit is equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities where every examination process is saved in a digital image storage system in real time, so they will be compared with previous test results instantly at the exam room, allowing the accurate management of patients’ disease progression.

Atrial Fibrillation

The AMC Atrial Fibrillation Center provides personalized treatment that suits each patient conditions using cutting-edge equipment for diagnosis and treatment through a close and coordinated collaboration between the operation teams of the Departments of Cardiology and Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery.

Heart Failure & Cardiac Transplantation

The Heart Failure & Cardiac Transplantation Center provides treatment support services such as a one-day program, fast-track system, counseling for heart diseases and reservation system, and language support program.


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