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Video Consultation

A video consultation is a real-time video consultation between the patient, local physician, and AMC physician with the help of AMC case coordinators and interpreters. This service is available for overseas patients who wish to seek medical advice from AMC physicians regarding their health condition. Medical information provided by the patient, local physician, and/or third party will be analyzed and interpreted and explained through a video consultation. After the video consultation, a full written report will be provided.

Second Opinion

A second opinion is an opinion provided by an AMC specialist based on the medical records including previously completed diagnosis and test results performed at the patient’s local hospital. This service is available for overseas patients who need a second opinion on the diagnosis/treatment/prescription received at their local hospitals. A second opinion is provided in written form only, and the patient will not be able to meet the AMC physician face-to-face.

The video consultation or second opinion process begins through our website.

Before applying for a video consultation or second opinion, make sure to have all of your medical records ready to submit. Once your medical records are submitted, our case coordinator and physician will review your information. If needed, radiology or pathology reading will be completed. Afterward, your case will then be referred to the appropriate specialist. The specialist’s opinion will be provided via video consultation or written report.

  • Video Consultation : 5~7 business days, 370,000 KRW
  • Second Opinion : 3~5 business days, 320,000 KRW
  • Please note that radiology/pathology fees are excluded and may vary : i.e. Radiology Reading : CT (60,000~80,000 KRW), MR (220,000~290,000 KRW) PET-CT (350,000~440,000 KRW)
  • Pathology Reading : Fees will vary

The amount of time and cost may change depending on the patient’s condition.

IMPORTANT!If you are a patient referring agency or an institution, please register through an official email address. Any data stored under a personal email address cannot be restored to another email account.