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Hospital Guide for International Patients

  1. Step 01

    Tel: 02-3010-5001
  2. Step 02

    Location: New Bldg. 4th Floor
    Present Photo ID (Passport, ARC, License)
    Receive Assistance from Nurse/Coordinator
  3. Step 03

    Before Consultation
    Basic Physical Assessment (Body Weight/Height, Blood Pressure, Temperature)
    Medical History Review (if necessary)
  4. Step 04

    Meet the doctor with the interpreter (if needed)
  5. Step 05

    After Consultation
    Medication Reconciliation
    Arrange schedule (Testing, Outpatient Visit)
    Receive information about future testing
  6. Step 06

    Pay for consultation, medication, testing etc.
    Direct Billing Service (International Insurance, Embassy, Other Organization)
  7. Step 07

    Medical Records
    Receive assistance in making copies of medical records