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Since the establishment of AMC in 1989, the Department of Nephrology focused on great treatment, research, and education to become a leader in the field of nephrology in Korea.

We have the largest dialysis room in Korea led by experienced dialysis specialists. The team led by Professor Han Duck-jong, of the General Surgery Department, performed the largest number of kidney transplantations in Korea, achieving almost a 100% success rate.
The team also performed the most ABO-incompatible kidney transplantations in Korea, a field that is evolving rapidly.

We try to determine the optimal amount of drug dosages for Koreans based on the treatment results of patients.
Thanks to the growth we’ve been achieved so far, our fellow physicians are now playing leading roles in prestigious hospitals across the country and treat a great number of patients to regain their health and live a better life. We promise to help you keep your health and life. And we will continue our best to provide reliable care and comfortable services.

Dialysis Room

The Dialysis Room conducts dialysis which is the replacement for lost kidney functions caused by end-stage renal diseases. It is divided into the Hemodialysis Room and Peritoneal Dialysis Room where nephrologists and nurses offer fast and specialized treatment and services.

Hemodialysis Room

The Hemodialysis Room has 70 beds for hemodialysis and negative pressure isolation rooms built in accordance with the guidelines for isolation precautions; and thoroughly implements infection control through management of the water filtration room and regular water quality control. Nurses responsible to teach the importance of taking care of dialysis patients stay at the hemodialysis Room, to offer counseling and education on the determination of the best dialysis method for chronic renal failure patients. Nurses are also given an opportunity to participate in ongoing education and symposium lectures to improve their expertise and skills. Such continued research and PI activities contribute to helping patients recover their health.

Kidney Transplantation Clinic

Kidney transplantation refers to a surgical procedure performed to transfer a healthy kidney into the body. The number of kidney transplantations increased from the 1990s and AMC has performed the largest number of kidney transplantations per year in Korea since 1996.

Peritoneal Dialysis Room

During the five-day six-night period of hospitalization, nurses specialized in peritoneal dialysis provide patients with individualized education on understanding the disease, peritoneal dialysis method, self-care therapy, exercise, lifestyle, diet, problems related to peritoneal dialysis, and emergency response to help them have a safe and healthy life.

Medical Specialities

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Kidney transplantation

AMC has adopted kidney transplantation in the 1990s. Since then the number of kidney transplantations performed in AMC has increased to reach 3,000 cases in January 2012 with around 300 a year, which is the largest in Korea. AMC has also performed around 200 ABO-incompatible kidney transplantations by October 2013.